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About SamVerly Barber College

SamVerly College is currently located in downtown Atlanta, approximately one block south of the historic Underground Atlanta tourist attraction and Five Points train station.  Our postal address is 87 Peachtree SW, Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30303.  We are physically located in the Kessler building on Broad Street, two doors down on the right from the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd and Broad Street.  Our location is convenient to all public transportation.  For those who opt for private transportation, ample and convenient parking facilities are are available within a 2 block radius for prices ranging from $2.00 - $8.00.



SamVerly, Inc. began doing business as SamVerly College, Barbering & Hairstyling, on April 1, 1979, when the first student was enrolled in Greenville, Mississippi.  Soon after, additional school locations were also opened in Cleveland and Meridian, Mississippi.  From that point on, SamVerly College became the primary trainer of barbers and hairstylists in the tri-state region of Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana.  Through a diverse clientele and nurturing atmosphere, SamVerly's students are assured thorough training and hands on experience.  Conversely, SamVerly's customers are assured a pleasant and professional experience as we place an emphasis on quality and customer service.


On January 5, 1984, the first student was enrolled in our Atlanta, Georgia facility located on Pryor Street, which is now part of the famed Underground Atlanta District.  In January of 1987, due to the expansion of Underground Atlanta, the school subsequently moved to 70 Forsyth Street, a part of the Fairlie-Poplar district, which was later purchased by Georgia State University for its musical and theatrical departments.  On April 1, 1992, SamVerly's relocated to the historic Martin Luther King, Jr. District in downtown Atlanta at 210 Edgewood Ave.  A second metropolitan Atlanta location was opened in Decatur from December 1992 thru October 1997 to service the increased enrollment demand during that time period.  Since moving to Atlanta, the management and staff have endeavored to make SamVerly College one of the leading barbering and hairstyling schools in the region.

Key Instructor: Niger Purdie

Director:            Beverly Purdie

Owner:               Sam Purdie

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